Roulette Number Software for Winning at Roulette


RouletteThe roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Players, like you can choose to bet on the numbers 0 to 36, (additional 00 for American roulette) the colours black or red or even specific rows or columns. But are there any betting systems that will provide you a long term winning streak?

There are 3 betting systems that can be used, 2 may provide short term gains but do have considerable disadvantages the third is proven to provide long term wins. Let us look at the three betting strategies for the roulette wheel.

The Martingale Betting System

This is probably the most used method for trying to beat the roulette wheel. The principal is simple; you simply double your bet after a losing spin. For example bet $1 on black and loose, you now simply double your bet to $2 and bet black again. If you hit black you have made back your 2 previous bets. If you miss again, then double your bet again.

The maths works like this: bet 1 loose, bet 2 loose, bet 4 win. In those 3 spins it has cost you 7 but you will make back 8

Why is this betting system flawed?

This system may provide short term gains but this system for playing roulette has some drawbacks.

1. Large Bank role is required. With this system of playing the roulette wheel, if you are playing with $75 this could only equal 4 spins at $5 per spin. ( 5 +10 + 20 + 40)
2. May help with short term gains but the house advantage, will in the long run make this betting system fail.

The second system for playing the roulette wheel is called the Fibonacci Sequence.
This mathematical strategy helps you to determine the wager on a specific bet.

Fibonacci Sequence

Here is the betting structure used. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 simply add the last two wagers together and place the bet accordingly. When you win simply continue the sequence making sure you write down the numbers.

Why is this system flawed?

Well If I provide you a random number sequence say 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 16 this will not change the house odds and you will be betting more on a non certain method.

Roulette Number Method

With this fantastic, fully automated, winning roulette strategy, by simply betting on 1 single number on the roulette wheel you are using maths to win in the long run. Let’s say you decide to bet on number 14. This number will come up approximately once for every 37 spins.

The fabulous roulette software will continue to place this bet for nearly 200 spins. This means every 37 spins you will win! The best bit, you set the roulette software up and then leave it to make you money!

Stop trying to beat the roulette wheel, with failing betting systems. By using this, effective and proven roulette software you can become a long term winner at the roulette wheel.

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