Slot Bonus Rounds Guide

Slot Bonus Rounds

In this article we will be looking at the different type of bonus rounds. To clarify, not all slots have bonus rounds but the majority of them do. Some even have more than one type of bonus round. Bonus rounds are activated by scatter symbols. So if you find scatters in the game, then it is likely that a bonus round is in there as well. You can check this out in the rules of the slot which should be found in the pay table menu.

Slot Bonus RoundsBonus rounds change the way a slot plays adding extra multipliers, bonuses or free spins as a reward. A lot of players find that they win most of their money during bonus rounds. Often a bonus round would be a free spins mode where the player is given a certain number of free spins. The wager is set equal to the spin that activates the bonus round but the player isn’t charged and simply backs up the winnings.

Other popular bonus games include Wheel of Fortune, where the players spin a wheel to gain free spins or multipliers. There are also board game style bonus rounds where you spin numbers on a dice and play a board game to unlock bonuses and multipliers. Bonus games can also include interactive mini games which play more like traditional games then slots. The best way to discover them is to play. There are some truly amazing slots out there with really fun bonus mini games. Below you may find some recommendations for first timers that want to climb on the ladder.

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