Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Playing the new Rock Paper Scissors game reminds me of being inside on a rainy day when I was a kid….it’s fun for a little while but gets old fast! The game is based on the ever-lasting, generation-to-generation hand me down game that has been used since early man had to come up with a best out of three way of settling disputes, disagreements, and debts!

Rock Paper Scissors the online casino game is based on that famous tie-breaking game but has been adapted for the casino gaming crowd by offering the player the ability to bet on the outcome. Casino rock paper scissors follows identical rules to the traditional game. The player has the option to choose one of rock, paper or scissors on the game screen. The computer then makes a choice and the two ‘hands’ are then compared.

In line with the traditional rules of the game rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock. The casino allows added player involvement by allowing wagers on a series of ‘throws’. Bets start at a single throw and run to a maximum of four throws. The odds paid out in the game are determined by the number of throws in the series. A single throw will pay out odds of 1.9 for a player win, while a series of 4 player wins pays out at odds of 78. In order to win a bet on a series of throws, each throw in the series must be won by the player.

The game of rock paper scissors may not seem open to a strategy, as the odds of winning are identical whether the player throws rock, paper or scissors. However, the odd offered on each series of throws affects the overall payout percentage of the game. In order to secure the highest payout percentage, players should only play one or two throws per series. While two throws offers higher odds the long term payout will be identical to a single throw. Three and four throw series offer better odds to encourage players to bet at a slightly lower payout percentage.

While this game may hold your attention for a little while, you would have to be a hard-core RPS aficionado to appreciate it and to want to play it over and over again. For my betting dollars, there are more amusing, much more fun options to be had in most online casino’s so my Rock just smashed this game’s scissors and it’s game over!

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