Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure is a well known game that allows players to win in an entertaining way. Desert Treasure features different pay lines as well as reels.

Desert Treasure has various betting limits. Players have the option to play for real money or for free. Coin amounts also differ and fans can explore up to 10 coins. The betting limits allow cashing in on credits on the desert treasure jackpot easily.

Desert treasure features an awesome scatter symbol. If more than two scatter symbols display within a single spin on the machine, free bonus rounds are activated within the system. When this happens one is rewarded with ten free spins therefore the chances of winning money grow significantly. In addition, spins can also triple as free spins are the best pay lines within Desert Treasure depending also on the bonus round one settles for.

What makes Desert Treasure even more pleasurable is a bonus game. The Desert Treasure slot machine has an awesome slot game bonus symbol. Players have the option to explore and make the most of compass symbols when making a spin to win more money. The most attractive feature of the bonus game is that players have the option to choose from a vast range of bonus prizes. Bonus prizes are also a great way to grow accounts because they come with various cash values. What’s more, they greater chances for big winnings and therefore enhances the Desert Treasure gaming experience.

Try Desert Treasure for free or sign up for a free account to play for money.

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