6 Great Tips for Betting on Tennis

Historical Tennis Odds Data

Historical Tennis Odds DataTennis typically is a one on one game. You have two of the best battling it out on a court. The athletes are equally matched and are equally good. No matter how good the two opponents are it still can be anyone’s game. With that being said, the tennis champions aren’t the most likely to lose just because there’s only a fifty percent chance. Betting on a champion might be a very wise decision. Since the champion is most likely to win the odds are obviously in their favor. However, it’s still can end up being anyone’s game.

It’s said that for a betting beginner, tennis is the easiest way to become a bettor. The chances of you winning are actually higher than they are with other sports. For instance, if your chosen one is down by a set it only takes one good shot for them to come back up. With other sports if your team is down by points it’s harder for them to break even with the other team, and even harder for them to win the game. Since tennis is a one on one sport, it’s the sheer will of the players that determines the victory. If you’ve been tracking a tennis player’s career then you should have enough information on their abilities to win the game. Here are 6 tips for betting on tennis:

1. Historical data: There’s a reason why Serena Williams is always at the top of every best tennis player list. She wins more than she’s ever lost. She has established a track record for doing this, and has proved over the decades that she’s been playing tennis that she is the force to be reckoned it. So when you look at her tennis history all of that data adds up to a pretty good choice if you’re deciding to bet on her. The best way to win a bet is to certainly bet on a winner who has a proven track record for winning. Another thing to be aware of when it comes to history are the odds. Historical tennis odds data can be very useful and will also help you to take the right betting decisions.

2. Injuries: Injuries can take down the mightiest champion. Playing with a broken or sprained ankle can seriously affect the performance of the even the world’s top player. If your wrist can’t stretch out to hit the ball like it needs to then the champion player can have a hard time returning volleys. This can make it difficult for the player to win since they will obviously have to struggle. Yes, players are used to playing through the pain, but doesn’t mean that that factor allows them to play any better. So injuries are definitely to be considered when picking a tennis player to bet on.

3. Mentality: The best player in the world can be taken out the game if someone else gets in their head. Some people aren’t as good at protecting their frame of mind from opponents who want to throw them off their game. A great determining factor is to watch how your player reacts to cheap shots made about their game. If they seemed to be affected by it then this could mean that they may not be as sharp when they get on the court. The biggest factor, next to an injury, that can affect a player’s game is what’s going on in his head. When the player is fighting against what others think then he/she isn’t fully invested in the game. This could cost them many mistakes that will cost them the win.

4. Statistics: Say for instance you’ve got Serena Williams in a match with Maria Sharapova. You can best believe that this isn’t the first time they’ve played each other. This can be one of the easiest bets to win. Why? Well, when you look at all the matches that they have played together how many times has Maria beat Serena. It’s simple math. If they’ve played each other a hundred times, and Serena has one 80 times out of that 100. Then the the odds are that there’s an 80% chance that Serena will beat Maria. It’s that simple. Sure Maria can bring on an upset, but how likely is it. In order to determine that you would have to some serious digging into Maria’s background to determine if she’s doing anything differently or learned some new technique that would allow her to beat Serena. Since it’s not likely you’ll ever find out that information making your decision based on the matches they have already played is a great way to determine who is going to win.

5. Court Surface: There are four kinds of court surfaces. Clay, grass, carpet and hard surfaces are the different surfaces that the players have to play on. Some players do better on some surfaces while others just don’t. Even the best tennis players in the world have their preferences for which court they like to play on. If you look at the data you can determine which surface your champion has lost the most on. If you have this information you can make a well informed decision about who to bet on. If you know what surface your player is going to play on then you can find out how many times they’ve actually lost on this type of surface. So based on who they’re playing and the playing surface you can determine who is the most likely to win in that match.

6. A Clear Mind: You can have all the information you want on every player in tennis, but none of it is going to do you any good if your brain is impaired when you make the decision. If you’re drunk your chances for picking a winner is significantly diminished by the alcohol you just consumed. The best bet you can ever make is always going to be the one you make when you have a sober, focused, and clear mind. Remember that before you take that shot.

Now that you have these factors you can begin to start betting on tennis. Another great way to pick winners and win bets is to keep up with the bets that you’ve made in the past. Your tracking of the which players are winning and losing will be a goldmine once you’ve collected enough data. You won’t have to spend as much time doing research if you’re keeping track of your players and the games that they win. This information can prove to be very profitable for you if you are adamant about storing this information.

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